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In our school, where we embody beautiful feelings, all beauties are reinforced through art. Our school, which is surrounded by a structure that embraces future artist candidates with its Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Music departments, progresses with discipline, stability and devotion and is ready to provide guidance on art.
The first goal of our school, which is affiliated with the Ministry of National Education, is for our children to be happy and open to learning. In this journey through discipline, all our artist instructors who are eager to teach are wholeheartedly present. We are sincerely with you in our enthusiasm to travel and travel the path of art together with the importance of self-discovery. We walk with flowers on this long and difficult path, together it is difficult and long.
RU’s door is open to everyone who has the same feelings as our belief, desire and passion for art. We will see good days.

Classical Ballet

Classical ballet training at Ru Performing Arts opens the door to a world where elegance, discipline and aesthetics meet. Classical ballet is known for its flawless techniques that form the basis of dance and is one of the oldest and most respected forms of dance art.

While our students strengthen their bodies through classical ballet training, they also improve their expression skills. Our courses appeal to students at all levels, from beginner to advanced, allowing everyone to discover their potential.

While our instructors masterfully teach our students classical ballet techniques, they also guide their artistic and emotional development. Each step, each movement helps our students advance and express themselves in the world of dance.

By receiving classical ballet training at Ru Performing Arts, our students not only dance, but also increase their self-confidence and gain a disciplined work habit. Step with us to discover and express this magnificent art form!

Contemporary Dance

At Ru Performing Arts, contemporary dance is a free form of expression that pushes boundaries. Unlike traditional dance forms, contemporary dance uses the flexibility and strength of the body while highlighting creativity and emotional depth.

Contemporary dance offers students a unique platform of expression. With the rhythm of the body, the flow of movement and emotional depth, our students find a way to tell their own stories and express their feelings. Our classes encourage free movement and expression of inner feelings.

While our instructors convey the freedom and creativity inherent in contemporary dance to students, they also emphasize technique and reliability. Each movement helps our students discover themselves and experience the power of dance.

Contemporary dance education at Ru Performing Arts strengthens our students’ bodies and minds while expanding their artistic vision. Dance with us to write your own dance story and set your soul free with the rhythm of dance!

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